Delusive relics


Frank Nik and Anis Oveisi have reunited to form a new electronic group called Delusive Relics. After touring internationally with the band they had in China, Iran, Turkey, France and USA. Frank reignited his love for electronic music and finally followed his childhood dream of being an electronic artist Delusive Relics describe their music as a culmination of genres such as Synthpop, Industrial, EBM and Electronic Rock and are inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, NIN and Tangerine Dream. Their reminiscent love for older forms of electronic music allow for them to create music in a style that is a breath of fresh air in today’s electronic scene. Delusive Relics 2018 debut went off with a bang as they released their single ‘A Woman’s Diary’, the first in an 11-track series titled ‘Chaotic Notions’ was release in February 2019. ‘A Woman’s Diary’ has already been broadcasted on MTV and VH1 and racking up thousands for views on YouTube. Delusive Relics pride themselves on addressing taboo issues with their music too as they dedicated their debut song to gender equality.

The independent music website Come Here Floyd, gave “A Woman’s Diary” a rave review, saying that, “Delusive Relics’ music is not only a blend of multiple genres, but it is a fascinating description of how our human emotions are such, as well.”

Chaotic Notions album

Hello Dear Fans and Friends , we are so happy to let you know you can order our debut album today (we still waiting for some major online stores to put our album on their site) but you can get your copy digital or physical from Thanks for your support!